Puzzle games I enjoyed - Part 1

— 2 minute read

"Hook" permalink

I played this back in 2016 or something. It's one of the earliest puzzle games (of it's type) I remember playing on a mobile phone. It is developed by Maciej Targoni who created a lot more games afterwards. It's simple, but everything is done right: relaxing gameplay, simple graphics and great audio. Definitely inspired me to find out how to create games myself.

Downloads: iOS | Android | Steam

Cardinal Chains permalink

Very minimalistic game made by Daniel Nora. Almost always I find myself playing one more level. And after that at least 2 more. I like the variation in difficulty. After solving a hard one and getting a little frustrated, you get a few easier levels to boost your confidence. Great game.

Downloads: iOS | Android | Itch.io

Threes! permalink

This game is great and I put (too) many hours in it. Very simple & timeless concept. But also very addicting: always playing one.. more.. game. There is a free version with ads and a paid version without them.

Downloads (Free): iOS | Android
Downloads (Paid): iOS | Android