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A (random) list of puzzle games I liked

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I played this back in 2016 or something. It's one of the earliest puzzle games (of it's type) I remember playing on a mobile phone. It is developed by Maciej Targoni who created a lot more games afterwards. It's simple, but everything is done right: relaxing gameplay, simple graphics and great audio. Definitely inspired me to find out how to create games myself.

Downloads: iOS | Android | Steam

Cardinal Chains

Very minimalistic game made by Daniel Nora. Almost always I find myself playing one more level. And after that at least 2 more. I like the variation in difficulty. After solving a hard one and getting a little frustrated, you get a few easier levels to boost your confidence. Great game.

Downloads: iOS | Android |


Currently still in development, but you can download a demo with 4 levels already. It is developed by Sander Ambroos. Check it out!



Combine a rubix cube with a puzzle game and you get Spingram. The graphics are GREAT and the puzzles can be really hard to solve. This minimalistic game is made by Sandro Traettino.

Downloads: iOS | Android


This sokoban-like game is really good and I can see a great amount of work is put into this game. I also think the graphics fit the gameplay very well. You don't have to solve the levels in a linear way and there is a undo button (something Unitied lacks...).

Downloads: Steam | Android |

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