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Check out Buried Treasure

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Buried Treasure is a website created by John Walker. It's about (hidden) indie gems. I'll be honest about it: reason I found out this site exists, is because my game was reviewed there. Nonetheless I check it regularly to see which games pop up. Here are three examples I really liked. Be sure to check the rest as well.


The developer did a perfect job: the game is simple, but very polished. It's not minesweeper. Is it? There is at least one difference, every puzzle can be solved by pure logic. No luck.

Downloads: Steam

I couldn't find a trailer for this game on Youtube. You could however check this gameplay video by Fenton Bailey.


Not a puzzle, but a pinball game. This game is chaos an experience. Check the video and you'll know if this could be anything for you.

Downloads: Steam


Probably already played by anyone who reads this anyway. But first time I saw this game was on Buried Treasure. Then found out it was by the same person who made "HOOK". It's a minimalistic/relaxing puzzle game.

Downloads: iOS | Android | Steam

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